Evesham Weather has proudly been on the web since 16th May 2014 and currently operates on an Oregon Scientific WMR88. Initially the site used a cheap Maplin Fine Offset weather station but the limitations of this are well known, including insufficient shielding which results in inaccurate temperature readings and the rainfall sensor being located with the rest of the station meaning it was prone to misreading in high winds.

The software used to push the information onto the web include Cumulus for the weather data and YawCam for scheduling the webcam uploads.

The website uses Meteotemplate, a free customizable website template available at The template uses its own MySQL database and therefore is able to calculate any parameter or statistic and also does not rely on any other external services. It was first released in July 2015 and is regularly updated. The template is compatible with various programs such as Weather Display, Cumulus, Weather View or Meteobridge, as well as the Davis WL-IP logger, NetAtmo and Raspberry Pi and data can even be retrieved directly from Weather Underground website.

In addition to the core template files, which include scripts that calculate various statistics and show many graphs and tables from data from the actual weather station, it is also possible to download and easily install tens of additional plugins (add-ons) that extend the website with many further functionalities.

Meteotemplate, including all the scripts, plugins, webpage etc., is maintained by Jachym from the Czech Republic.

You can use the main website to download all the content, wiki includes instructions how to install or you can subscribe to the blog where regular updates are published and where you can also ask for help and support.

Meteotemplate Homepage - info, download
Meteotemplate Blog - updates, info, RSS, support
Meteotemplate Wiki - install instructions